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Pinpoint Product and Marketing Gaps
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Find Hidden Value in Existing Assets



Re-energize Management
Reposition for Growth
Fill Gaps in Roadmap and IP
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Enter New Markets
Expand IP Portfolio
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Our Services

Our firm’s expertise enables us to provide our clients with the focus areas of highest impact and project scope early in the engagement. Our goal is to provide our clients visibility into the investment and the returns, which is the most fundamental measure of success and is the platform for meeting expectations.

Due Diligence & Corporate Valuation

Sage recognizes that there is more to evaluating a company than simply analyzing income statements and balance sheets. When creating a due diligence opinion, Sage looks at all aspects of a company, including its customers, forecast sales and sales pipeline, sales agreements, market positioning, competitors, market drivers, intellectual property value and the management team. Potential growth opportunities and potential liabilities are examined and evaluated. When completed, many firms find the information and analysis in the due diligence opinion to have value beyond satisfying the needs of an investor or acquiring company.

IP Strategy and Valuation

Sage’s consultants have led the strategy, negotiation and valuation of hundreds of patents and license agreements ranging from the seminal IP that propels a start-up to large cross licensing agreements between Global 1000 companies.

With significant expertise in licensing patents and technology, Sage’s consultants can assist a firm in valuing its IP, including patents, trademarks and technology. A third party IP evaluation is often required by investors, lenders and acquirers, as the strength of the IP impacts the overall value of the company and may be used as security for a bond or note when other assets are not sufficient.

Business Development

Business development is often the critical link between a great product and unbridled success.  The acceleration and leverage that the right sales or strategic partnership can provide makes it fundamental to any business.  For early and growth stage companies it can be the vital stepping stone to an exit.

Sage’s broad and deep expertise in most major technology segments allows for rapid analysis and strategy development with respect to partnerships, sales relationships and potential acquirers.     With contacts worldwide, Sage helps its clients move quickly through many stages of the courtship and trust building phase of a business relationship.  Our clients are able to more quickly move to executing on plans that leverage these business partnerships and grow of their companies.

Product Strategy and Marketing

Sage uses a proven and structured methodology to develop product strategies, marketing programs and go to market plans for our clients. Companies often struggle with sales of great products and technology based on the hope that the impact of the product can stand on its own. Today, well-conceived and executed marketing plans are required to drive sales of even the best product.

Sage understands that marketing technology products requires the consideration of competition, roadmap, sales channels and partnerships as well as outbound communication. We work with our client’s senior and executive management to develop an execution plan that takes into consideration short and long term goals and provides tactical and strategic impact. Sage consultants have led the marketing efforts of companies of all stages including start-ups, growth, acquisition ready and Global 1000s.

As part of its marketing offering, Sage offers thought leadership services. With these services, a Sage consultant sits on panels, writes papers, gives talks or acts as a technical subject matter expert when our client has no such resource.


Interim Executive Services

All of Sage’s consultants have held “C” and Executive level positions in marketing, technology, finance and/or general management in private and public companies.   Sage understands the varied reasons that an interim officer or executive may be required for large and small companies and matches expectations, execution, deliverables and transition planning based on the unique needs of the company.

Working with client companies as interim executives, Sage brings years of experience to smaller firms that would not normally have access to such levels of expertise. Sage’s consultants help these companies grow and prosper at a faster rate than they would normally experience.

High growth and large companies can often find themselves with a gap in management due to rapid expansion or an unplanned departure.  A Sage consultant can quickly assimilate into and organization and provide new strategy and directives or seamlessly fill a gap on the team depending upon the circumstances and client needs.

Business Planning & Capital Strategies

Sage has over 90 years of cumulative experience in evaluating, drafting and designing business and marketing plans, and presenting those plans to potential investors. Keeping current on both the changing requirements of investors and the evolving format of business plans, Sage consultants consistently help their clients to prepare highly effective plans that get investors’ attention.