Smart connected cars.

Strategy and Business Development for connected/autonomous cars.

Developed IP strategy for wireless product.

Negotiated IP licensing and established F100 partnerships.

Performed due diligence, drove strategy, interim CTO.

Performed product evaluation and fund raising support.

Provided capital strategy, positioning, and business development services.

Provided Business Development and M&A services.

Developed IP strategy for wireless product.

Developed roadmap and financing strategy.

Interim CTO, mfg negotiations and led acquisition.

Involved in capital raise activities.

Supported capital raise, customer ID and NJEDA relationship.

Providing Interim VP of Marketing Services.

Drove launch of company.

Performed IP valuation, M&A and cash flow analysis.

Performed business valuation and M&A related services.

Performed interim CTO and capital raise services.

Provide interim SVP Business Development and marketing services.

Provided IP negotiation and business development services.