Early and Growth Stage Companies

Early stage technology companies are in a state of constant transition.  The pace, level of detail and assumptions made early in the business often shift under the feet of management, leading to orphaned strategies and uncertain outcomes.  Even those companies that manage to lead the market with technology, struggle to transition to a marketing and sales driven focus.


Sage helps its early and growth stage clients identify a path that leads to the next phase of growth.   We typically start our engagements with a rapid, multi-faceted, assessment to determine the area of highest impact.  These areas may include:

IP / Roadmap Strategy       Business Planning                MRD / PRD

Market Analysis                   Go-to-Market Planning          Partnership Analysis

After collaborating with management regarding go-forward strategy, a Sage consultant may take and interim part-time or full-time role within the company in order to help the company execute the strategy.   Alternatively, Sage may take an active consultant or advisory role to ensure follow-through and achievement of planned outcomes in any of the following areas:

Interim Executive              Business Development         Strategic Marketing

Licensing                           Partnerships                            M&A